Diverse Mn(II)-Oxidizing Bacteria Isolated from Submarine Basalts at Loihi Seamount

  title={Diverse Mn(II)-Oxidizing Bacteria Isolated from Submarine Basalts at Loihi Seamount},
  author={A. Templeton and H. Staudigel and B. Tebo},
  journal={Geomicrobiology Journal},
  pages={127 - 139}
  • A. Templeton, H. Staudigel, B. Tebo
  • Published 2005
  • Geology
  • Geomicrobiology Journal
  • Abstract Metal-oxidizing bacteria may play a key role in the submarine weathering of volcanic rocks and the formation of ferromanganese crusts. Putative fossil microbes encrusted in Mn oxide phases are commonly observed on volcanic glasses recovered from the deep ocean; however, no known Mn(II)-oxidizing bacteria have been directly identified or cultured from natural weathered basalts. To isolate epilithic Mn(II) oxidizing bacteria, we collected young, oxidized pillow basalts from the cold… CONTINUE READING
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