Divergent selection on locomotor activity inDrosophila melanogaster. I. Selection response

  title={Divergent selection on locomotor activity inDrosophila melanogaster. I. Selection response},
  author={F. R. Dijken and W. Scharloo},
  journal={Behavior Genetics},
  • F. R. Dijken, W. Scharloo
  • Published 1979
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Behavior Genetics
  • Selection for high and low locomotor activity has been applied in two base populations ofDrosophila melanogaster of distinct geographical origin. From each base population a high and a low line were selected, in which anesthesia was performed with ether. In addition, from one of the base populations a high line and a low line were selected under CO2 narcosis. Locomotor activity was measured in an apparatus consisting of rows of 20 tubes in a line. Heritabilitities in the base populations… CONTINUE READING
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