Divergent patterns of breakpoint reuse in Muroid rodents

  title={Divergent patterns of breakpoint reuse in Muroid rodents},
  author={Elisabeth E. Mlynarski and Craig Obergfell and Michael J. O’Neill and Rachel J. W. O’Neill},
  journal={Mammalian Genome},
Multiple Genome Rearrangement (MGR) analysis was used to define the trajectory and pattern of chromosome rearrangement within muroid rodents. MGR was applied using 107 chromosome homologies between Mus, Rattus, Peromyscus, the muroid sister taxon Cricetulus griseus, and Sciurus carolinensis as a non-Muroidea outgroup, with specific attention paid to breakpoint reuse and centromere evolution. This analysis revealed a high level of chromosome breakpoint conservation between Rattus and Peromyscus… CONTINUE READING


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