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Diurnal variation of urinary potassium excretion in chronic renal insufficiency.

  title={Diurnal variation of urinary potassium excretion in chronic renal insufficiency.},
  author={A. Hishida and N. Honda and H. Kumagai and M. Sudo and M. Nagase},
  journal={Mineral and electrolyte metabolism},
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Diurnal variation of urinary potassium excretion was examined on 10 adult patients with chronic renal insufficiency and 24 control subjects without cardiorenal functional disturbances. The daily cycle of potassium excretion, similar to that in controls, was present but less obvious in chronic renal insufficiency. In the controls, urinary potassium excretion reached a peak in the early morning (5.30 to 7.30) with a minimum in the night (21.00 to 5.30). The morning rise in potassium excretion was… Expand
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