Diurnal temperature range as a novel risk factor for COPD death.

  title={Diurnal temperature range as a novel risk factor for COPD death.},
  author={Guixiang Song and Guohai Chen and Lili Jiang and Yun-hui Zhang and Naiqing Zhao and Bingheng Chen and Haidong Kan},
  volume={13 7},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Although the relationship between day-to-day temperature changes and COPD mortality is well established, it is not known whether temperature variation within one day, that is diurnal temperature range (DTR), is a risk factor for acute COPD death, independent of the absolute temperature level. METHODS In a time-series study, the relationship between DTR and daily COPD mortality between 2001 and 2004 in Shanghai, China was assessed. A semi-parametric generalized… CONTINUE READING

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