Diurnal rhythm of melatonin in human saliva.

  title={Diurnal rhythm of melatonin in human saliva.},
  author={Olli Vakkuri},
  journal={Acta physiologica Scandinavica},
  volume={124 3},
  • Olli Vakkuri
  • Published 1985 in Acta physiologica Scandinavica
Human mixed saliva extracted with chloroform was found to contain immunoreactive melatonin which eluted in HPLC as synthetic melatonin. There was a clear diurnal rhythm in saliva melatonin with low day and high night levels. A similar rhythm was observed in serum. The high night levels in saliva were lower than the corresponding levels in serum. The calculated secretion rate of melatonin into saliva was less than 0.5-0.9 pmol X h-1 during the day and 1.0-2.4 pmol X h-1 during the night. Saliva… CONTINUE READING

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