Diurnal control of rod function in the chicken.

  title={Diurnal control of rod function in the chicken.},
  author={Frank Schaeffel and Brigitte Rohrer and T Lemmer and Eberhart Zrenner},
  journal={Visual neuroscience},
  volume={6 6},
We studied rod function in the chicken by recording corneal electroretinograms (ERGs). The following experiments were performed to demonstrate rod function during daytime: (1) determining the dark-adaptation function; (2) measuring the spectral sensitivity by a a-b-wave amplitude criterion in response to monochromatic flickering light of different frequencies ranging from 6.5-40.8 Hz (duty cycle 1:1); (3) analyzing the response vs. log stimulus intensity (V-log I) function in order to reveal a… CONTINUE READING
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