Diurnal asymmetries in global radiation

  title={Diurnal asymmetries in global radiation},
  author={I. Piggin},
  journal={Archiv f{\"u}r Meteorologie, Geophysik und Bioklimatologie, Serie B},
  • I. Piggin
  • Published 1 March 1972
  • Environmental Science
  • Archiv für Meteorologie, Geophysik und Bioklimatologie, Serie B
SummaryThe lack of complete symmetry in the intensity of global radiation about true local noon has been observed for clear days in the period between winter and summer over two succeeding years. The bias of the asymmetry is found to be dependent on the prevailing wind direction, and atmospheric dust content is suggested as the copula.ZusammenfassungIn zwei aufeinanderfolgenden Jahren wurde eine Asymmetrie des Tagesganges der Intensität der Globalstrahlung in bezug auf den lokalen Mittagswert… 

Correlation of Density Banding in Reef Coral Skeletons With Environmental Parameters: The Basis for Interpretation of Chronological Records Preserved in the Coralla of Corals

It appears that maximum skeletal density is associated with those periods of the year when seawater temperature and solar radiation is higher than average.

"Radiant Energy During Clear Weather in the Growing Season at Poste-de-la-Baleine (Great Whale), Nouveau-Québec"

Dans un article anterieur, nous avons presente pour les types de surface principaux a Poste-de-la-Baleine des coefficients de regression par temps clair, de sorte qu'il est possible d'estimer le

Variations in the albedo of wheat and barley crops

SummaryThe albedo of wheat and barley crops was measured during the course of two successive growing seasons, one of which was exceedingly wet (1966) and the other abnormally dry (1967) at Derrimut,



Radiation observations at Aspendale, Australia, and their comparison with other data

SummaryResults are presented of three years' measurements at Aspendale of net, global and diffuse radiation (R, G andD respectively) as well as of short-wave radiation on a north-facing surface

Radiation in the atmosphere

The Climate near the Ground