Diurnal Temperature and Pressure Effects on Axial Turbomachinery Stability in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems

  title={Diurnal Temperature and Pressure Effects on Axial Turbomachinery Stability in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell-Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems},
  author={James D. Maclay and Jacob Brouwer and G Scott Samuelsen},
A dynamic model of a 100 MW solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid system has been developed and subjected to perturbations in diurnal ambient temperature and pressure as well as load sheds. The dynamic system responses monitored were the fuel cell electrolyte temperature, gas turbine shaft speed, turbine inlet temperature, and compressor surge. Using a control strategy that primarily focuses on holding fuel cell electrolyte temperature constant and secondarily on maintaining gas turbine… 
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