Ditriokon: A New Cardiovascular Contrast Agent1

  title={Ditriokon: A New Cardiovascular Contrast Agent1},
  author={Israel Steinberg and Nathaniel Finby and John A. Evans},
Ditriokon (Mallinckrodt) is an aqueous solution of diprotrizoate sodium (Miokon, 31.4 per cent) and diatrizoate sodium (Hypaque, 36.7 per cent), with a combined organic iodine content of 40 per cent (Table I). The greatest value of this new mixture lies in its low viscosity, which makes it possible to inject the contrast substance rapidly and at room temperature. Clinical experience with Ditriokon has been obtained in over 200 patients during the past year. Recently, “fortified” Ditriokon has… Expand
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