Dithiolethiones: a privileged pharmacophore for anticancer therapy and chemoprevention.

  title={Dithiolethiones: a privileged pharmacophore for anticancer therapy and chemoprevention.},
  author={Mohd Imran Ansari and Mohd M. Khan and Mohammad Saquib and Shahnaaz Khatoon and Mohd Kamil Hussain},
  journal={Future medicinal chemistry},
  volume={10 10},
Dithiolethiones are five-membered sulfur-containing cyclic scaffolds that exhibit antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, antithrombic and chemotherapeutic activities. Dithiolethiones display the chemopreventive and cytoprotective effects by activating the antioxidant response element and mounting the transcription of cytoprotective phase II enzymatic machinery. In addition, several classes of dithiolethiones efficiently modulate the activities of proteins that play crucial roles in normal and cancer… CONTINUE READING