Disulfiram for binge eating disorder: an open trail.

  title={Disulfiram for binge eating disorder: an open trail.},
  author={Anna Maria Giulia Farci and Simona Piras and Magnolia Murgia and Alessandra Chessa and Angelo Restivo and Gian Luigi Gessa and R Agabio},
  journal={Eating behaviors},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficacy and safety of disulfiram for treatment of binge eating disorder. METHOD Two hundred and fifty milligrams per day of disulfiram was administered to 12 patients affected by binge eating disorder for 16 weeks; the number of binge eating episodes per week and the number of participants who reported side effects were evaluated. RESULTS Nine participants (75.0%) completed the trial, while the other 3 (25.0%) discontinued prematurely. Disulfiram significantly… CONTINUE READING
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