Disulfide linkages between antigen-binding receptors on chicken B-lymphocytes.

  title={Disulfide linkages between antigen-binding receptors on chicken B-lymphocytes.},
  author={Allen J. Rosenspire and Mi Sun Lee and S V Pollak and Yong Sung Choi},
  journal={Molecular immunology},
  volume={23 1},
Membrane immunoglobulin receptors on chicken B-cells have been shown to display a heterogeneity with respect to interchain disulfide linkages. One fraction of the surface Ig (sIg) appears to display the traditional H2-L2 linkage. We also present evidence that this Ig is covalently bound via a disulfide linkage to actin. In this instance, the isolated Ig heavy chain, after reduction, has a mol. wt of 80 K. Perhaps more significantly, we show that another fraction of the sIg exists in a highly… CONTINUE READING

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