Disturbed homocysteine metabolism is associated with cancer

  title={Disturbed homocysteine metabolism is associated with cancer},
  author={Tauheed Hasan and Reetika Arora and Aniket Kumar Bansal and Reshmee Bhattacharya and Gurumayum Suraj Sharma and Laishram Rajendrakumar Singh},
  booktitle={Experimental & Molecular Medicine},
Hyperhomocysteinemia/Homocysteinuria is characterized by an increased level of toxic homocysteine in the plasma. The plasma concentration of homocysteine is 5–15 μmol/L in healthy individuals, while in hyperhomocysteinemic patients, it can be as high as 500 μmol/L. While increased homocysteine levels can cause symptoms such as osteoporosis and eye lens dislocation, high homocysteine levels are most closely associated with cardiovascular complications. Recent advances have shown that increased… CONTINUE READING

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