Disturbance compensation in digital sliding mode


This paper proposes a new approach for slow and matched disturbance suppression in digital sliding mode. The previous value of disturbance is extracted from switching function and used to make disturbance estimation, and later used in control to cancel disturbance effects. The control function is linear in state and in disturbance estimate. It may be… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/EUROCON.2011.5929182


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@article{Ljesnjanin2011DisturbanceCI, title={Disturbance compensation in digital sliding mode}, author={Merid Ljesnjanin and Branislava Drazenovic and Cedomir Milosavljevic and Boban Veselic}, journal={2011 IEEE EUROCON - International Conference on Computer as a Tool}, year={2011}, pages={1-4} }