Disturbance Observer based friction compensator for a DC motor


Friction is primary disturbance in motion control. Different types of friction cause diminution of original torque in a DC motor, such as static friction, viscous friction etc. By some means if those can be determined and compensated, the friction effect from the DC motor can be neglected. It would be a great advantage for control systems. Authors have determined the types of frictions as well as frictional coefficients and suggested a unique way of compensating the friction in a DC motor using Disturbance Observer Method which is used to determine the disturbance torques acting on a DC motor. In simulation approach, the method is modelled using MATLAB and the results have been obtained and analysed. The block diagram consists with DC motor model with DOB and RTOB. Practical approach of the implemented block diagram is shown by the obtained results. It is discussed the possibility of applying this to real life applications.

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