Distributions generated by perturbation of symmetry with emphasis on a multivariate skew t‐distribution

  title={Distributions generated by perturbation of symmetry with emphasis on a multivariate skew t‐distribution},
  author={Adelchi Azzalini and A. Capitanio},
  journal={Journal of The Royal Statistical Society Series B-statistical Methodology},
  • A. Azzalini, A. Capitanio
  • Published 1 May 2003
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of The Royal Statistical Society Series B-statistical Methodology
Summary. A fairly general procedure is studied to perturb a multivariate density satisfying a weak form of multivariate symmetry, and to generate a whole set of non-symmetric densities. The approach is sufficiently general to encompass some recent proposals in the literature, variously related to the skew normal distribution. The special case of skew elliptical densities is examined in detail, establishing connections with existing similar work. The final part of the paper specializes further… Expand

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