Distribution of weak D types in the Croatian population.

  title={Distribution of weak D types in the Croatian population.},
  author={Vesna Dogi{\'c} and Jasna Bingulac-Popovi{\'c} and Ivana Babic and Zeljka Hundri{\'c}-Haspl and Nina Jurakovi{\'c}-Lon{\vc}ar and Jela Mratinovi{\'c}-Mikulandra and T Vuk and Melita Balija and Irena Juki{\'c}},
  journal={Transfusion medicine},
  volume={21 4},
Dear Sir, The Rh blood group system is determined by the highly homologous RHD and RHCE genes located on the first chromosome, which encode for the RhD and RhCE polypeptides. D antigen is of special clinical relevance in the fields of transfusion medicine and obstetrics. Owing to its high immunogenicity, D antigen can induce the production of alloantibodies and thus cause posttransfusion haemolytic reaction and haemolytic disease of the newborn (Wagner et al., 2000). About 0·2–1% of the… CONTINUE READING

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