Distribution of the freshwater fishes of Japan: an historical overview

  title={Distribution of the freshwater fishes of Japan: an historical overview},
  author={Masahide Yuma and Kazumi Hosoya and Yoshikazu Nagata},
  journal={Environmental Biology of Fishes},
Japanese freshwater fishes, including lampreys, comprise 15 orders, 35 families, and 96 genera, with 211 species and subspecies. Most belong to the families Cyprinidae (29% of species and subspecies), Gobiidae (21%), Salmonidae (10%), and Cobitidae (8%). Cyprinids and cobitids presumably originated from east Asia, gobiids from southeast Asia, and cottids and salmonids from the north Pacific. Japanese freshwater fishes include 88 endemic species and subspecies, of which three have been… CONTINUE READING
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