Distribution of the euryhaline squid Lolliguncula brevis in Chesapeake Bay : effects of selected abiotic factors

  title={Distribution of the euryhaline squid Lolliguncula brevis in Chesapeake Bay : effects of selected abiotic factors},
  author={Ian K Bartol and Roger Mann and Michael Vecchione},
The majority of cephalopods are thought to have limitations arising from physiology and locomotion that exclude them from shallow, highly variable, euryhaline environments. The brief squid Lolliguncula brevis may be a notable exception because it tolerates low salinities, withstands a wide range of environmental conditions, and swims readily in shallow water. Little is known about the distribution of L. brevis in Chesapeake Bay, a diverse and highly variable estuary. Therefore, a survey of L… CONTINUE READING
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