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Distribution of the endemic amphipod species Echino-gammarus thoni ( Schäferna , 1922 ) in watercourses of the Balkan Peninsula

  title={Distribution of the endemic amphipod species Echino-gammarus thoni ( Sch{\"a}ferna , 1922 ) in watercourses of the Balkan Peninsula},
  author={Kre{\vs}imir Žganec and Sanja Gottstein and Michał Grabowski and Dirk Platvoet},
An overview of all records of the Balkan endemic Echinogammarus thoni is given for streams in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania, based on literature data and data from our field studies. For the first time E. thoni was found on 3 of 49 studied localities in Albania. In Montenegro a new record comes from the Orahovica River. In Croatia the species was recorded at 23 of 415 sites in total, with new records in 3 small rivers. The current distribution is from the Jadro River… 

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