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Distribution of the Thelypteris japonica Complex (Thelypteridaceae) in Japan

  title={Distribution of the Thelypteris japonica Complex (Thelypteridaceae) in Japan},
  author={Atsushi Ebihara and Narumi Nakato},
The distribution of the four taxa, Thelypteris japonica forma japonica, T. japonica forma formosa, T. musashiensis and T. japonica×T. musashiensis, was reassessed by observation of spore morphology of 1984 herbarium specimens deposited in the National Museum of Nature and Science. As a result of frequent changes of identification especially between T. japonica forma formosa and T. musashiensis, the range of each taxon has been drastically updated. The hybrid was recorded in 32 prefectures in… 

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