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Distribution of the Exotic Mustard Brassica tournefortii in the Mohawk Dunes and Mountain, Arizona

  title={Distribution of the Exotic Mustard Brassica tournefortii in the Mohawk Dunes and Mountain, Arizona},
  author={Jim Malusa and Bill Halvorson and Deborah L. Angell},
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Landsat Time Series Assessment of Invasive Annual Grasses Following Energy Development
The results suggest that invasions around the energy developments occurred within the context of a larger regional invasion, and while the development did not necessarily initiate the invasion, annual grasses were more prevalent around the developments.
Vegetation classification enables inferring mesoscale spatial variation in plant invasibility
Abstract Large-scale control of invasive plants can benefit strongly from reliable assessment of spatial variation in plant invasibility. With this knowledge, limited management resources can be
Ajo Peak to Tinajas Altas: A flora of southwestern Arizona. Part 11. Eudicots: Brassicaceae and Burseraceae
A floristic account is provided for the mustard and fran kincense families as part of the vascular plant flora of the contiguous protected areas of Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Cabeza Prieta
Vegetation and vascular flora of Ironwood Forest National Monument, Pima and Pinal Counties, Arizona.
Ironwood Forest National Monument, created in 2000, is located west of Tucson and south of Casa Grande, in Pima and Pinal Counties, south-central Arizona. The boundaries encompass parts or all of
FLora oF TinaJaS aLTaS, ariZona— a cenTUrY oF BoTanicaL ForaYS and ForTY THoUSand YearS oF NEOTOMA cHronicLeS
This flora of the vascular plants of the Tinajas altas region, within the Lower colorado valley subdivision of the Sonoran desert of southwestern a rizona, includes the present-day species as well as