Distribution of mycorrhizal fungal spores in soils under agroforestry and monocultural coffee systems in Brazil

  title={Distribution of mycorrhizal fungal spores in soils under agroforestry and monocultural coffee systems in Brazil},
  author={Irene Cardoso and Claire L. Boddington and Bert H. Janssen and Oene Oenema and Thomas W. Kuyper},
  journal={Agroforestry Systems},
Deep-rooting trees in agroforestry systems may promote distribution of spores of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) at deeper soil levels. We investigated the vertical distribution of AMF spores in Oxisols under agroforestry and monocultural (unshaded) coffee systems in on-farm experiments (Brazil). The number of AMF spores was considered as an indicator of mycorrhiza incidence in soil. Spores were extracted from 0–1, 2–3, 5–7.5, 10–15, 20–30, 40–60 cm soil-depths in agroforestry and… CONTINUE READING
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