Distribution of glutamate receptor subtypes in the vertebrate retina.

  title={Distribution of glutamate receptor subtypes in the vertebrate retina.},
  author={Yufeng Peng and Craig D. Blackstone and Richard L. Huganir and Kah Wai Yau},
  volume={66 2},
The distribution of glutamate receptor subunit/subtypes in the vertebrate retina was investigated by immunocytochemistry using anti-peptide antibodies against AMPA (GluR1-4), kainate (GluR6/7) and metabotropic (mGluR1 alpha) receptors. All receptor subtypes examined are present in the mammalian retina, but they are distributed differentially. GluR1 is present in the inner plexiform layer as well as amacrine and ganglion cell bodies. GluR2 is present mainly in the outer plexiform layer and… CONTINUE READING