Distribution of free D-serine in vertebrate brains.

  title={Distribution of free D-serine in vertebrate brains.},
  author={Yuka Nagata and Kihachiro Horiike and Takeshi Maeda},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={634 2},
Free D-serine distribution in vertebrate brains was investigated. In various brain regions of the lower vertebrate species, carp, frog and chick, free D-serine levels were low. On the contrary, in the mammals, mouse, rat and bull, the contents of free D-serine were high in the forebrain (around 400 nmol/g wet weight, and the ratio of D-serine to L-serine, was D/L = 0.4), and low in the hindbrain. In developing mice, D-serine levels in the cerebrum increased with age and attained the adult level… CONTINUE READING
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