Distribution of fibronectin and laminin in human thymoma.


The distribution of fibronectin and laminin, two extracellular matrix and basement membrane components, was studied in 55 cases of thymoma using immunohistochemistry. The results were compared according to histologic type or clinical stage of the tumor. In addition, electron microscopic observation was done to clarify the extracellular structure of thymoma. Two staining patterns were seen. First, a diffusely or partially intricate network of fibers that contained fibronectin and laminin surrounded tumor cells in 21 out of 55 cases. Most of these cases were spindle cell thymomas and showed low invasive tumors. Second, fibers that contained fibronectin and laminin were restricted only to the septa, blood vessels, and perivascular spaces that did not show a network in the remaining 34 cases. Polygonal cell thymomas showed the latter staining pattern and these were more invasive tumors. We conclude that this network is a characteristic structure of spindle cell thymomas and is related to the invasiveness of the tumor.

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