Distribution of dopamine-immunoreactive fibers in the rat brainstem.

  title={Distribution of dopamine-immunoreactive fibers in the rat brainstem.},
  author={Kunio Kitahama and Ikuko Nagatsu and Michel Geffard and Takeshi Maeda},
  journal={Journal of chemical neuroanatomy},
  volume={18 1-2},
We describe the distribution of axons immunoreactive for dopamine in pons and medulla oblongata of rat under normal conditions or after inhibition of monoamine oxidase or dopamine beta-hydroxylase. In the pons of non-treated animal, fairly dense plexuses of dopamine-immunoreactive varicose fibers were found in the locus coeruleus, dorsal parabrachial and dorsal raphe nuclei, central gray and reticular formation dorsal to the superior olive. In the medulla oblongata, the immunoreactive fibers… CONTINUE READING
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