Distribution of arterial lesions demonstrated by selective cinecoronary arteriography.

  title={Distribution of arterial lesions demonstrated by selective cinecoronary arteriography.},
  author={William L Proudfit and E K Shirey and F M Sones},
  volume={36 1},
The distribution of obstructions exceeding 30% of the normal diameter of the lumen of one or more major coronary arteries was studied in 627 of 1,000 patients who had selective cinecoronary arteriograms. An additional 99 patients had lesser degrees of narrowing, and in the arteriograms of 274 patients, normal arteries were demonstrated. An average of 2.0 lesions resulting in at least 50% luminal narrowing of major arteries was found per patient. The anterior descending coronary artery was… CONTINUE READING
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