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Distribution of aphids of citrus and cotton and their parasites in Greece.

  title={Distribution of aphids of citrus and cotton and their parasites in Greece.},
  author={L. Santas},
First record and occurrence of Μacrosiphum euphorbiae (Thomas) (Homoptera: Aphididae) on cotton in Central Greece
Η αφίδα Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Thomas) σημeιώθηκe yta πρώτη φορά στο βαμβάκι στην πeριοχή Θηβών το Μάιο 1988. Το eίδος αυτό έχeι αναφeρθeί από άλλους eρeυνητές πάνω σe άλλα φυτά στην Eλλάδα. ΑπόExpand
Two New Species of Prαon Haliday (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae) from Greece
Πeριγράφονται δυο νeα eίδη στο γe'νος Praon Haliday, το P. staryi spec. nov. και το P. athenaeum spec. nov. To P. staryi καταγράφηκe από την αφίδα Myzus nicotianae Blackman σe Nicotiana tabacum L. ToExpand
Main Arthropod Pests of Citrus Culture and Pest Management in Greece
The problems due to major and minor citrus pests and control measures in Greece are reviewed and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies are recommended. Expand
Aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) on citrus: Seasonal abundance, association with the species of host plant, and sampling indices
Samples were collected from southern Greece during 1996–2000 in order to investigate the presence of parasitoids on aphidiines infesting several citrus species and found that A. gossypii constituted the largest part of the aphid population and was the only species parasitized. Expand
The Aphidiinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonoidea: Braconidae) of Greece
Keys for the identification of genera and species of the subfamily Aphidiinae which occur in Greece as well as the observed parasitoid — aphid relations on various host plants are presented.
Spatial and temporal heterogeneity in population dynamics of citrus aphids at a regional scale
A quick method of evaluating aphid infestations on young clementine trees is developed that uses visual abundance classes and the validity of such methods for analyzing the demographic strategies of phytophagous and entomophagos insects at a large scale is discussed. Expand
Annotated list of the entomophagous complex associated with pear psylla, Psylla pyri (L.) (Hom.: Psyllidae) in France
Parmi les 56 auxiliaires inventories dans le complexe biologique du psylle du poirier en France, 16 sont relativement abondants; ce sont 2 parasites, Prionomitus mitratus (Dalman) et TrechnitesExpand