Distribution of anthropogenic CO 2 in the Pacific Ocean

  title={Distribution of anthropogenic CO 2 in the Pacific Ocean},
  author={Christopher L. Sabine and R A Feely and Robert M. Key and John L. Bullister and Frank J. Millero and Kitack Lee and T L Peng and Bronte D. Tilbrook and Tsuneo Ono and Charles S Wong},
[1] This work presents an estimate of anthropogenic CO2 in the Pacific Ocean based on measurements from the WOCE/JGOFS/OACES global CO2 survey. These estimates used a modified version of the DC* technique. Modifications include a revised preformed alkalinity term, a correction for denitrification, and an evaluation of the disequilibrium terms using an optimum multiparameter analysis. The total anthropogenic CO2 inventory over an area from 120 E to 70 W and 70 S to 65 N (excluding the South… CONTINUE READING
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