Distribution of Toxins in Chrysomeline Leaf Beetles : Possible Taxonomic Inferences

  title={Distribution of Toxins in Chrysomeline Leaf Beetles : Possible Taxonomic Inferences},
  author={Jacques M. Pasteeis and Arnaud Termonia and D{\'e}sir{\'e} Daloze},
From a survey of the toxins produced by the pronotal and elytral defensive secretions in 114 chrysomeline species (20 genera sensu Daccordi 1994), three major groups of species are recognized which are considered as natural supra-generic taxa. These ensembles, however, do not perfectiy fit existing classifications (e.g. Daccordi in Seeno and Wilcox 1982 or Daccordi 1994). Species secreting isoxazoHnone glucosides esterified by nitropropanoic acid are considered as Chrysomelina se/isu stricto… CONTINUE READING


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