Distribution of Salmonella in swine production ecosystems.

  title={Distribution of Salmonella in swine production ecosystems.},
  author={David F. Barber and Peter B. Bahnson and Richard E. Isaacson and Carl J. Jones and Ronald M. Weigel},
  journal={Journal of food protection},
  volume={65 12},
The objective of this 2-year field survey was to sample multiple ecological compartments within swine production systems to identify potential sources of Salmonella infection for swine. Twelve single-site production systems within Illinois were identified by slaughter sampling to have detectable Salmonella in swine and therefore selected for study. There were four visits to each farm during a 5-month period. Fecal samples were obtained from swine and other wild and domestic mammals. Arthropods… CONTINUE READING

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