Distribution of Mahogany/Attractin mRNA in the rat central nervous system.

  title={Distribution of Mahogany/Attractin mRNA in the rat central nervous system.},
  author={X. Y. Lu and Teresa M. Gunn and Kun R Shieh and Gregory S Barsh and Huda Akil and Stanley J. Watson},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={462 1-2},
The Mahogany/Attractin gene (Atrn) has been proposed as a downstream mediator of Agouti signaling because yellow hair color and obesity in lethal yellow (A(y)) mice are suppressed by the mahogany (Atrn(mg)) mutation. The present study examined the distribution of Atrn mRNA in the brain and spinal cord by in situ hybridization. Atrn mRNA was found widely distributed throughout the central nervous system, with high levels in regions of the olfactory system, some limbic structures, regions of the… CONTINUE READING
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