Distribution of Hydrogenase Genes in Desulfovibrio spp. and Their Use in Identification of Species from the Oil Field Environment.

  title={Distribution of Hydrogenase Genes in Desulfovibrio spp. and Their Use in Identification of Species from the Oil Field Environment.},
  author={Gerrit Voordouw and V Nivi{\`e}re and F. Grant Ferris and Phillip M. Fedorak and Donald W. S. Westlake},
  journal={Applied and environmental microbiology},
  volume={56 12},
The distribution of genes for [Fe], [NiFe], and [NiFeSe] hydrogenases was determined for 22 Desulfovibrio species. The genes for [NiFe] hydrogenase were present in all species, whereas those for the [Fe] and [NiFeSe] hydrogenases had a more limited distribution. Sulfate-reducing bacteria from 16S rRNA groups other than the genus Desulfovibrio (R. Devereux, M. Delaney, F. Widdel, and D. A. Stahl, J. Bacteriol. 171:6689-6695, 1989) did not react with the [NiFe] hydrogenase gene probe, which could… CONTINUE READING

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