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Distribution of Eigenvalues of Weighted, Structured Matrix Ensembles

  title={Distribution of Eigenvalues of Weighted, Structured Matrix Ensembles},
  author={Olivia Beckwith and Victor Luo and Steven J. Miller and Karen Shen and Nicholas Triantafillou},
  • Olivia Beckwith, Victor Luo, +2 authors Nicholas Triantafillou
  • Published in Integers 2015
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • The limiting distribution of eigenvalues of N x N random matrices has many applications. One of the most studied ensembles are real symmetric matrices with independent entries iidrv; the limiting rescaled spectral measure (LRSM) $\widetilde{\mu}$ is the semi-circle. Studies have determined the LRSMs for many structured ensembles, such as Toeplitz and circulant matrices. These have very different behavior; the LRSM for both have unbounded support. Given a structured ensemble such that (i) each… CONTINUE READING

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