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Distribution of Clinostomum marginatum (Yellow Grub) Metacercaria in Smallmouth Bass Populations from Crooked Creek in North Central Arkansas

  title={Distribution of Clinostomum marginatum (Yellow Grub) Metacercaria in Smallmouth Bass Populations from Crooked Creek in North Central Arkansas},
  author={James J. Daly and Bruce Deyoung and T L Hostetler and Randal J. Keller},
  journal={Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science},
Fourhundred thirty-three smallmouthbass (Micropterus dolomieui) were collectedfrom ten sites on Crooked Creek in North Central Arkansasfrom just below the city of Harrison to the White River in the summers of 1988-90.Necropsy of thesehosts for yellowgrub {Clinostomum marginatum) metacercariae showed a range of mean abundance (average/fish) from 1.4± 1.9 (SD) at a far up stream site to 105± 368 at the White River juncture. An increasing mean abundance of C. marginatumwas seen from the uppermost… 

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A new host record for C. marginatum is documented in the Ozark Bass, Ambloplites constellatus, and this fish is previously reported to commonly harbor some of the highest population densities of the digenean trematode parasite.

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Herring fish (Clupea harengus) was the most susceptible to parasitic infection as the infection rate was 96% for different species of parasites, this followed by Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) at the infection rates 92% and Horse mackerel at the infections rate 92%.

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This work provides a new host record for C. attenuatum and 2 new host records and a new locality record for metacercariae of C. marginatum, and a list of the amphibian hosts of metacERCariaeof Clinostomum spp.

Non-Invasive Technique for Assessing the Population Parameters of Metacercariae of Clinostomum marginatum in Smallmouth Bass(Micropterus dolomieu)

In this study strong correlations were found between the parasites seen in the orobranchial region and the rest of the host body and similar anatomical-site density correlations applied to other parasitic infections might dramatically reduce the amount of necropsy time needed for estimating total parasite numbers.




No significant correlation could be found between the number of metacercariae per fish and the length of the host, and the effect on oxygen consumption by glucose, serotonin and insulin, singularly or in combination, was measured by manometric methods.

A quantitative approach to parasitism

From the overdispersed frequency distributions exemplified by the Negative Binomial distribution a specially truncated form is derived and shown to fit the data of Hynes & Nicholas (1963) and these form the basis of a definition of parasitism.

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