Distribution and excretion of thallium after oral and intraperitoneal administration of thallous malonate and thallous sulfate in hamsters

  title={Distribution and excretion of thallium after oral and intraperitoneal administration of thallous malonate and thallous sulfate in hamsters},
  author={H Aoyama},
  journal={Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology},
  • H. Aoyama
  • Published 1 March 1989
  • Medicine
  • Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology
Metallothionein alone or in combination with Prussian blue attenuates acute thallium systemic toxicity in rats.
The findings demonstrate that the combined treatment of PB + MT is a good antidotal option against thallotoxicosis.
Detection of Oxidative Damage of Synthetic Oligonucleotides Caused by Thallium(III) Complexes
Biologically important short sequences of DNA were treated with Tl(III) complexes. The chloride complex releases the Tl(III) cation and therefore oxidizes DNA components and at concentrations higher
Uncommon heavy metals, metalloids and their plant toxicity: a review
Heavy metals still represent a group of dangerous pollutants, to which close attention is paid. Many heavy metals are essential as important constituents of pigments and enzymes, mainly zinc, nickel
Thallium Toxicity and the Role of Prussian Blue in Therapy
Prussian blue’s safety profile is superior to that of other proposed therapies and it should be considered the drug of choice in acute thallium poisoning, and charcoal haemoperfusion may be a useful adjunct.
Public Health Goal for Thallium In Drinking Water
These documents and the analyses contained in them provide estimates of the levels of contaminants in drinking water that would pose no significant health risk to individuals consuming the water on a daily basis over a lifetime.


Thallium poisoning: a review.
In humans the most characteristic sign of thallium toxicity is alopecia which usually appears in cases when death is delayed for 15-20 days, but more commonly the acute toxicity subsides to be replaced by a gradual development of mild gastrointestinal disturbances.
[Accumulation mechanism of 201Tl--K-contents and Na, K-ATPase activities of tissues].
It is suggested that the factor relating to the accumulation mechanism of 201Tl may be multiple, and Na, K-ATPase plays an important role in 200Tl specific uptake in thyroid tumours.
Thallium-induced testicular toxicity in the rat.
Acute Poisoning by Intentional Ingestion of Thallous Malonate
A higher concentration ofThallium was found in the heart than in other organs, suggesting that the heart is the main target of thallium in the early stage of acute poisoning.
Management of thallium poisoning.
The determination of thallium in urine by atomic absorption spectroscopy and emission spectrography.
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