Distribution and desorption of perfluorinated compounds in fractionated sediments.

  title={Distribution and desorption of perfluorinated compounds in fractionated sediments.},
  author={Lixia Zhao and Lingyan Zhu and Liping Wu Yang and Zhengtao Liu and Yahui Zhang},
  volume={88 11},
This study provides particle-scale understanding of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) distribution in sediments collected from two locations in Tianjin, China. The sediments were fractionated according to particle size and density. Even though lower density carbonaceous fractions contributed only 17.8-22.3% of the total sediment mass, they displayed stronger affinity to PFCs with much higher PFC concentrations than in the heavy fractions. Hydrophobic interaction predominated the partition of… CONTINUE READING

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