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Distribution and Biogeographical Significance of the Endemic Genera Spermophorodrilus Bouché , 1975 and Healyella Omodeo & Rota , 1989 ( Oligochaeta : Lumbricidae ) : a Review

  title={Distribution and Biogeographical Significance of the Endemic Genera Spermophorodrilus Bouch{\'e} , 1975 and Healyella Omodeo \& Rota , 1989 ( Oligochaeta : Lumbricidae ) : a Review},
  author={Mete Mısırlıoğlu and Mirjana Stojanovi{\'c}},
The species of the genera Spermophorodrilus Bouché, 1975 and Healyella omodeo & Rota, 1989 posses a set of characters that distinguish them from any other group of the family Lumbricidae, i.e. absence of spermathecae, short annular clitellum devoid of tubercula and the area occupied by spermatophores attached near the male pores that open in the posterior part of segment 15. The members of these two genera are mainly endemic for Anatolia, with only three species being exception. Healyella… 
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