Distribution Patterns of Ohio Stoneflies, with an Emphasis on Rare and Uncommon Species

  title={Distribution Patterns of Ohio Stoneflies, with an Emphasis on Rare and Uncommon Species},
  author={Scott A. Grubbs and Massimo Pessimo and R. Edward DeWalt},
  journal={Journal of Insect Science},
Abstract Presently, 102 stonefly species (Plecoptera) have been reported from Ohio. All 9 Nearctic families are represented. Over 90% of the fauna exhibit a combination of broad Nearctic-widespread, eastern Nearctic-widespread, Appalachian, and eastern Nearctic-unglaciated distributions. In contrast, only 2 species display a central Nearctic-Prairie distribution. Seven species of Perlidae are likely no longer present (Acroneuria evoluta Klapálek, A. perplexa Frison, Attaneuria ruralis (Hagen… 
Atlas of Ohio Aquatic Insects: Volume II, Plecoptera
The largest stonefly data set available for a similarly sized geopolitical area anywhere in the world is provided, and adult presence phenology was influenced by phylogenetic relationships such that the superfamily Nemouroidea generally emerged in winter and spring while the superfamilies Pteronarcyoidea and Perloidea emerged later.
Refugia and Postglacial Expansion of Acroneuria frisoni Stark & Brown (Plecoptera:Perlidae) in North America
Abstract: We used mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I to infer the demographic history of Acroneuria frisoni Stark & Brown, a widespread eastern North American stonefly. We sequenced 1510
Perlesta armitagei n. sp. (Plecoptera: Perlidae): More cryptic diversity in darkly pigmented Perlesta from the eastern Nearctic.
Some cryptic diversity within a small group of Perlesta with dark wings and bodies is reported on, including one species known currently within the Ohio River drainage from Indiana eastward to western Pennsylvania and southward into central Kentucky.
Plecoptera (Insecta) Diversity in Indiana: A Watershed-Based Analysis
Plecoptera, an environmentally sensitive order of aquatic insects commonly used in water quality monitoring is experiencing decline across the globe. This study addresses the landscape factors that


The stonefly fauna of Michigan is updated, increasing the number of species verified from the state to 68, and 25 species that appear to be rare or uncommon and sparsely-distributed are discussed.
Just How Imperiled Are Aquatic Insects? A Case Study of Stoneflies (Plecoptera) in Illinois
It is demonstrated that this fauna is highly imperiled, boding poorly for aquatic insect communities in North America and elsewhere, and large river habitats and historically prairie regions have experienced the greatest proportional losses of species.
Stoneflies (Plecoptera) in Gray's Run in Northeastern Ohio
Over 50% of the species occurring in Gray's Run are either of Appalachian origin and/or prefer small, cool streams characteristic of that region, and the flight periods of the three most common families, Chloroperlidae, Leuctridae, and Nemouridae are outlined.
Plecoptera of the Ohio River: Community Composition and Species Phenologies of Nymphs Collected Near Cincinnati, Ohio
Community composition of the nymphal stoneflies of the Ohio River was determined by sampling with artificial substrates at 5-week intervals from January-December, 1979, near Cincinnati, Ohio. Seven
The Mayflies (Ephemeroptera), Stoneflies (Plecoptera), and Caddisflies (Trichoptera) of the Adirondack Park (New York State)
This work reports 509 species of EPT from the Adirondack Park of which 99 are reported from New York State for the first time, which is the first ever comprehensive assessment of aquatic insects in the region.
The exopterygote insect community of a mountain stream in North Carolina, USA: Life histories, production, and functional structure
Habitat‐weighted annual production was 1862 mg (ash‐free dry weight)/m2 with > 50% being based on four taxa (of 21 considered): Serratella sp.
Perlesta placida (Hagen), an eastern nearctic species complex (Plecoptera: Perlidae)
Perlesta placida (Hagen), long regarded as a widespread variable species, is a complex of at least 12 species which differ in pigmentation, egg morphology and male and female genital structures.
Perlesta ephelida, a new Nearctic stonefly species (Plecoptera, Perlidae)
Abstract A new Nearctic species of Perlidae (Insecta, Plecoptera), Perlesta ephelida sp. n., is described from the male, female, and egg stages. This species has been previously reported as, or
Studies on Indiana stoneflies (Plecoptera), with an annotated and revised state checklist
An historical account of taxonomic-based Indiana Plecoptera research is presented and current distribution records are provided for 76 species, including 17 new state records. Six species, Allocapnia
New species of Nearctic Neoperla (Plecoptera: Perlidae), with notes on the genus
The Nearctic Neoperla are reviewed and mainensis is raised to species and relationships of Nearctic species groups to the world fauna are discussed.