Distribution Of ABO And Rhesus D Blood Antigens In Morocco

  title={Distribution Of ABO And Rhesus D Blood Antigens In Morocco},
  author={A. Benahadi and Raouf Alami and S. Boulahdid and Badr Adouani and Adil Laouina and Abderhani Mokhtari and Abdelmajid Soulaymani and Hajjout Khdija and Mohammed Benajiba},
To determine phenotypic and allelic frequencies of ABO Rhesus D blood groups in a Moroccans blood population, a sample 219 287 blood donors was collected from 15 different regions across the country. The overall ABO antigens frequency was 32.86%, 15.80%, 4.53% and 46.80% for blood groups A, B, AB and O, respectively. In addition, the Rhesus D positive frequency was 91.00%. The allelic frequencies found were 0.2089, 0.1078 and 0.6838 for A, B and O alleles, respectively, and 0.2999 for d allele… CONTINUE READING

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