Distribution-Free Multisample Tests Based on Optimal Matchings With Applications to Single Cell Genomics

  title={Distribution-Free Multisample Tests Based on Optimal Matchings With Applications to Single Cell Genomics},
  author={Somabha Mukherjee and Divyansh Agarwal and Nancy Ruonan Zhang and Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya},
  journal={arXiv: Methodology},
In this paper we propose a nonparametric graphical test based on optimal matching, for assessing the equality of multiple unknown multivariate probability distributions. Our procedure pools the data from the different classes to create a graph based on the minimum non-bipartite matching, and then utilizes the number of edges connecting data points from different classes to examine the closeness between the distributions. The proposed test is exactly distribution-free (the null distribution does… 
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Graph-theoretic multisample tests of equality in distribution for high dimensional data
  • A. Petrie
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Comput. Stat. Data Anal.
  • 2016
A suite of Monte Carlo simulations shows that orthogonal perfect matchings and spanning trees typically have higher power than other graphs and are also more effective at discerning when samples have differences in their covariance structure compared to other nonparametric tests such as the energy and triangle tests.
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  • Hao Chen, Xu Chen, Yi Su
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    Journal of the American Statistical Association
  • 2018
A nonparametric testing procedure that uses graphs representing the similarity among observations that can be applied to any data types as long as an informative similarity measure on the sample space can be defined is studied.
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