Distributing Shared Regenerator Information in GMPLS-Controlled Translucent Networks


Sparse opto-electronic regenerators are used in optical networks to overcome optical signal quality degradations. Regenerators can be time-shared by dynamic lightpaths. However, current GMPLS control plane does not distribute regenerator information to network nodes. Three regenerator information distribution methods for GMPLS-controlled networks are proposed. The first one, Regeneration Availability during Signaling (RAS), is based on the RSVPTE signaling protocol, while the others, Regeneration Capability Advertisement (RCA) and Regeneration Availability Advertisement (RAA), are based on the OSPF-TE routing protocol. Simulations show that RAA obtains the lowest blocking, while RCA the highest. Moreover, RAA only slightly increases the control plane load compared to RAS.

DOI: 10.1109/LCOMM.2008.080258

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