Distributed object transportation on a desired path based on Constrain and Move strategy


In this paper, a distributed strategy to move objects on different arbitrary paths in a 2D plane is proposed and analyzed. This algorithm which is based on Constrain-and-Move strategy [1] , organizes the robots in two groups. The object manipulation task also is decomposed to two different tasks. The task given to one group is control of linear velocity and that assigned to the other group is control of angular velocity of the object. The independence of these tasks makes the design of the distributed architecture of the team possible. To calculate each robot’s desired velocity, a simple method using Constrain-and-Move strategy and robot’s local sensors is developed. To prevent small errors in the robot sensory system from affecting the system performance, limited compliance is assumed in robot arms. The basic behaviors of the robots are presented. Moreover, simulation results are given to verify the proposed strategy.

DOI: 10.1016/j.robot.2004.08.006

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@article{Zaerpoora2005DistributedOT, title={Distributed object transportation on a desired path based on Constrain and Move strategy}, author={Aram Zaerpoora and Majid Nili Ahmadabadi and M. Barouni-Ebrahimi and Zhi Dong Wang}, journal={Robotics and Autonomous Systems}, year={2005}, volume={50}, pages={115-128} }