Distributed local area content delivery approach with heuristic based web prefetching


With the rapid development of internet and related technologies, number of daily users browsing internet and amount of data being accessed keeps increasing exponentially. Internet users now access internet objects ranging static web pages to HD and 3D videos. Due to the comparatively slow growth in bandwidth, the end-user perceived latency emerges as a significant drawback in a modern day internet transaction. Techniques such as web caching and web prefetching have been employed successfully in order to reduce this latency. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as Akamai 111 provide the advantage of better performance and high availability through a network of distributed servers hosting a large portion of the internet content by offloading traffic directly served from the content provider's origin infrastructure. In this paper, the authors attempt to combine these three techniques namely; prefetching, caching and the CDN approach to further reduce the user perceived latency.

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