Distributed detection of node replication attacks resilient to many compromised nodes in wireless sensor networks

  title={Distributed detection of node replication attacks resilient to many compromised nodes in wireless sensor networks},
  author={Yuichi Sei and Shinichi Honiden},
ABSTRACT In large-scalesensornetworks, sensor nodesareat high risk of being capturedand compromised.Oncea sensornodeis compromised,all thesecretkeys, data,and codestoredon it areexposed to theattacker. Theattacker caninsertarbitrarymaliciouscode in the compromised node.Moreover, he can easily replicateit in a largenumberof clonesanddeploy them onthenetwork. Thisnode replicationattackcanform thebasisof a varietyof attackssuchas DoS attacks,andSybil attacks.Previous studiesof nodereplication… CONTINUE READING

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