Distributed coloring in O/spl tilde/(/spl radic/(log n)) bit rounds

  title={Distributed coloring in O/spl tilde/(/spl radic/(log n)) bit rounds},
  author={Kishore Kothapalli and Christian Scheideler and Melih Onus and Christian Schindelhauer},
  journal={Proceedings 20th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium},
  pages={10 pp.-}
We consider the well-known vertex coloring problem: given a graph G, find a coloring of the vertices so that no two neighbors in G have the same color. It is trivial to see that every graph of maximum degree Delta can be colored with Delta + 1 colors, and distributed algorithms that find a (Delta + 1)-coloring in a logarithmic number of communication rounds, with high probability, are known since more than a decade. This is in general the best possible if only a constant number of bits can be… CONTINUE READING
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