Distributed algorithms for the Lovász local lemma and graph coloring

  title={Distributed algorithms for the Lov{\'a}sz local lemma and graph coloring},
  author={Kai-Min Chung and Seth Pettie and Hsin-Hao Su},
The Lovasz Local Lemma (LLL), introduced by Erdos and Lovasz in 1975, is a powerful tool of the probabilistic method that allows one to prove that a set of n "bad" events do not happen with non-zero probability, provided that the events have limited dependence. However, the LLL itself does not suggest how to find a point avoiding all bad events. Since the work of Beck (1991) there has been a sustained effort to find a constructive proof (i.e. an algorithm) for the LLL or weaker versions of it… CONTINUE READING


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