Distributed System for Cognitive Stimulation Over Interactive TV

  title={Distributed System for Cognitive Stimulation Over Interactive TV},
  author={Carolina Garc{\'i}a V{\'a}zquez and Esther Moreno Mart{\'i}nez and Miguel Valero and Ana G{\'o}mez Oliva},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine},
This paper details the full design, implementation, and validation of an e-health service in order to improve the community health care services for patients with cognitive disorders. Specifically, the new service allows Parkinson's disease patients benefit from the possibility of doing cognitive stimulation therapy (CST) at home by using a familiar device such as a TV set. Its use instead of a PC could be a major advantage for some patients whose lack of familiarity with the use of a PC means… CONTINUE READING